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We have recently moved & with that comes the task of unpacking.  I find I have a considerable amount of boxes with 2 things that are most telling about what I value in life – pictures of my family & books.  And it isn’t just a matter of unpacking them – they must all go in the right place, where they can be present as an outward reflection of what I cherish.  This takes time as I linger over each memory, each story so significant.

Like my penchant for book collecting I LOVE having framed photographs throughout my home.  They tell the story of different chapters of my families life & experiences.  Some from so long ago like the ones of relatives several generations passed & those of this generation remembered as if it was just yesterday.

We’ve heard it said that each picture is a thousand words.  Words of what? Words that tell a story – the story my families life, of my life, of your life.    There is something so very validating, for me anyway, in the freeze framing of a moment in time.

There are chapters that have ended – photographs of family members that are no longer around on this earth.  I hug them & at times long for them to hug me back.

There are chapters that are full of hope & promise – the ones of my children as toddlers next to the ones of them as young adults.

There are chapters that are filled with friends who have become like family & I would be remiss to not include them.

Then there are the chapters just beginning – with new faces as my children marry & of the new friends & family memories we are making in our new home.

Those are the stories in the book titled “Family & Friends”.

I also have the pictures of my own life that remind me of where I have come from & my personal experiences.  Those are the story of “Me”.  As I am going through this season of being an empty nester, I have found my own chapters of childhood, young adulthood, & motherhood, to be honest, surprising.  It’s not as though my book was written for me to read prior to my living – it is being written as I live it.  So to go back & revisit the chapters I have completed I find myself sometimes proud of me, frustrated with me, rooting for me &,most presently, still discovering me.

For this post I will share one photograph.  Over time I will undoubtedly share more.

Here is a picture that now sits on my desk:


It is of me & my grandfather who passed away when I was 5yrs old.  It reminds me that even when someone is in your life a very short time they can leave an indelible mark on your heart.  He loved me so much & always made me feel special.  That’s how I feel when I look at this picture – loved & special.  I personally crave that reminder.

Do you feel the same way about pictures taken in your life?  If so, do you have one that reminds you that you are special & loved?