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This makes such a strong point & yet it is simply stated! I have used the phrase time & again: when the student is ready the teacher appears.  You have no doubt heard & even used that one yourself.  A new twist on it occurred this weekend for me & when I saw this picture it literally screamed at me.

I have looked so many times for teachers out in the world.  I love love love to learn!

My hindsight lessons – the ones that my own personal life have taught me, are all I need as I look ahead.  There really are plenty of these lessons where I have picked myself up, put my big girls pants on & forged through to carry on with this thing called life.  Yet I have dismissed them easily enough by thinking I need to be someone else.  Someone who doesn’t have my dysfunctional stories or experiences.  Someone who is so good at life that their successes will over shadow the failure I think I am.  So I kept looking for teachers to show me the way.

Well I found a lot of teachers.  As I stated I am a veracious learner.  In my fumbling search I was blinded by the dichotomy of how I was responding to my teachers & their lessons.  What I have ended up with is being grateful for the teachers who in essence taught me what not to do.  Like: Do not compare myself,  Do not be an imitation, Do not be afraid…the Do not list is long to be sure.  There were also teachers who taught me what to do.  Like: Believe in yourself, Use your own voice, Have faith & be of good courage…and this list is longer still.  But I have not been able to hear those lessons as clearly.  I was only wading through the Don’t lessons & found myself consistently treading to keep my head above water. Because in truth – I was comparing myself, I wanted to be that other woman who looked all put together, I was seriously afraid of people judging me & finding me unworthy of their time & friendship.  I have been frustrated as I wrestled with these issues & rightfully so because I was doing exactly what I was being taught not to do & rejecting what I was to do.   All of them in essence telling me I was uniquely & wonderfully made.  However, none of them could teach me what I was seeking.  It is a tall order to begin with.  Till the other day…when the student was ready…and I could hear the one message from the one teacher that mattered most…myself.

What I have dismissed easily is that I can learn from myself.  That as the Holy Spirit has/is tugging in my soul this student has not readily listened or been able to hear the Holy Spirit’s personal teachings of encouragement & direction for me.  I in turn have often invalidated my own unique gifts as I look to find the better answers out in the world.  I question my own truths so much so that I drown out the voice that knows me best.

I don’t know if what I have written here makes sense to you but I can be pretty sure the picture says it way more simply & you get what I mean.  It is about time to step out & up – embrace the passions to be a creative.  Be uniquely you & share your gifts with others.

Are you ready to listen to your inner voice?  What is causing you to dismiss what you already know deep down?  Is the student ready…?