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I have labored over many many things in my life.  To the point of starting & stopping all to often.  Today I wrestled a few demons who I have given power to, who have successfully halted my writing or have they…

The following picture invoked a very powerful emotion for me.  I have been moved by the truth that I am one of six birds.  The whole bird connection has helped me put some pieces of my life back together.  See my last name Passaro means bird in italian of which I am 100%.  In 2011 a 2nd brother committed suicide.  The loss from my 1st brother’s suicide still impacts me daily & that was 24 years ago.  In my fragile attempt to make my life whole again I embraced my roots & claimed the fact that even while now 2 are gone, there will ALWAYS be 6 of us.  We were a very close tribe as children & even closer yet after my 1st brother’s death.  To be stung by the enormous grief once again…well I still stumble over it quite a bit.  Most likely always will.


Life has handed me a number of blows & blessings as I am sure you can relate.

Today I am being very intentional & moving forward.  I made a decision to return to what I started here.

Fly with me if you will ~